About SriChaitanya

Sri Chaitanya Educational Socity's ( sri chaitanya Junior college ) provide quality Education to the stuednts of Telangana State

We are immensely delighted with the love and affection you have been showering on Sri Chaitanya since its inception. Your belief and expectations constantly hover in our minds and always remind us the duty and the responsibility you have vested on our shoulders. Sri Chaitanya being the corporate giant in Education has witnessed success in all its endeavours and the support you have extended is unforgettable. We cordially welcome all our students for another year for which all the members of our staff are gearing up.

In terms of records and achievements the name of Sri Chaitanya speaks volumes. We set new bench - marks and goals and try to accomplish them with great care and fervor. Sri Chaitanya’s reliability in the realm of education enables students to grab and explore the world of opportunities ahead of them. With a great zeal we have brought technology into education. Meticulously designed curriculum of Sri Chaitanya has witnessed a great success on the international arena. Many of our students stood toppers in various national and international competitions. The subject expertise and the condense levels of students made them triumphant. We assure you that Sri Chaitanya continues its good work in the years to come. We foresee the same support from all our esteemed parents in shaping the future of students to success.

Benefits of joining your child in Sri Chaitanya schools : He or she develops into an all rounded personality.

Sanskrit Sloka says: “Spardaya Vardhate Vidya” (Knowledge (Vidya) is enriched by competition). Sri Chaitanya provides a congenial environment for a healthy competition for all-round development of personality integrated with the Indian society. Every child here performs personal hygiene, neatness of uniform, cleanliness, graceful manners, obedience and discipline. Our primary aim is to develop the qualities of integrity, team spirit, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion, to promote spirit of enquiry, scientific temperament within the human bounds. Student shall play an important role in saving the environment around him/her and know that courage, industry and smart work have their due importance for all-round development. It is the endeavour of the school to provide subject enriched faculty with a wide range of skill-sets to administer academic, aesthetic and athletic activities and to promote experimentation, project works, home tasks and enquiry based learning. All the campuses echo with co-curricular activities. We develop in students the hunger for knowledge, devotion to duty, commitment to values, honesty and patriotic fervour. The student has a major role to play as curriculum is more than what appears on paper.

It is the relentless concern of the school to uncover the hidden potential of the student, enhance the capabilities by providing opportunities by way of myriad activities and healthy competition in literary, cultural and sports front.

Facilities and amenities - Infrastructure To facilitate peer learning through hands-on- experience, fully equipped mathematics, Science, Abacus and Computer Labs.

Unique and contemporary teaching methods in implementation. To lay emphasis on inquiry, discovery methods group-learning, project works, experiments, elocution, group discussions, role plays and other such activities are conducted. Audio-visual aids are used regularly to assist students to understand the shades of lessons through fun-filled interactive activities and play-way methods are implemented.


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